In London, Ontario it was revealed today a 10 year old boy was locked up in his bedroom for 18-24 months. He was living with his aunt and uncle and would only been giving fast food twice a day leaving it in the room. He was found with urine pyjamas and with littered fast food wrappers. The youth did not have access to school. That is despicable, every child deserves a proper education.

Help children by recognizing signs of abuse. Such signs are…

  • Fear, or unusual relationship with parent

  • Injuries in hidden spots.

  • Cuts which have a pattern

  • Failure to grow and gain weight

  • Suddenly receiving low grades in school

  • No or very mediocre education

  • No medical care for injuries

  • Hurt himself on purpose

  • Avoid parent or legal guardian

These are only some of the signs which can show child abuse. Child abuse has no place in the 21st century.This is a tragic event and we should all learn from it.