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The World With 100 People

I’m sure all of you have heard of Bill and Melinda Gates. They are the founders of Microsoft Corporations. He is third richest person according Forbes ($76-77 billion ). He has accomplished so much in the tech industry. However did you know Bill Gates has aspergers? I’m sure it must surprise you. Don’t let anyone […]

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Horrific Child Abuse

In London, Ontario it was revealed today a 10 year old boy was locked up in his bedroom for 18-24 months. He was living with his aunt and uncle and would only been giving fast food twice a day leaving it in the room. He was found with urine pyjamas and with littered fast food […]

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Amazing Rescue by Quebéc Teens

A few days ago there was a kidnapping at the Trois-Riveres Hospital at 7 PM. Three teens found out about this issue using social media. The abductor travelled 300 km (186.411 Miles) away to her home. However one of the teens knew where the abductor lived and tracked her down. She is currently in a […]

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Update on Nigerian Girls

The girls have been found. It is only a matter of a time before all the girls will be released. I hope they are alright and will get home safely.

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The Abduction of the Nigerian Girls

I have one voice. You have another voice which makes two voices. If we all join in, we can have a ONE WORLD voice that brings us together to stand up against atrocities that are happening in the world. I want to spread the knowledge and empower individuals, like yourself, to create a difference in […]

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Boys Orphanage Agra

My family and I traveled to a boy’s orphanage in Agra, India. We served lunch and dinner there, it was a very good experience. The children were very polite and thankful, which is something all of us should take from them. My brother and I sponsored two boy’s education for 1 year.

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Games for the Toy Foundation Mumbai

The Children’s Toy Foundation is an NGO aimed at a national and international level to teach children life skills, banking, negotiating and the list goes on. However they do it a very different and interesting method. The kids are taught by playing strategic games such as Monopoly and Risk. This is available to any child in India. […]

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Variety Village Grub Day

Variety village is a charity registered in Canada. Its main focus is to create a fitness, sports and life skills facility for the disabled. Their facility contains many rooms and interesting sections such as; a swimming pool where disabled people can swim, a fitness center for all ages and abilities, a sensory room, wheelchair basketball teams […]

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In Cusco, My friends and I visited a underpriviledged school to donate school supplies. We bought pencil crayons, erasers, pencils, monopoly, maps, art kits,etc for all 60 children attening the school. It consists of boys and girls ranging from around 3 to 13. Many of the kids lived there and they were so happy they […]

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