About I2Us

i2Us I2us is a grounds root initive was started by me when I was in school. It started by hearing about poverty in India. I was not happy that these kids had nothing and we had everything. In my opinion, it wasn’t fair! It inspired me to do something worthwhile in life, to take action and make change. This website is mainly about promoting social issues, standing up correct laws, and organizing projects to raise funds or awareness for a certain issue or cause.

We have completed projects in Canada, Asia and South America and always looking to expand farther. We are small but yet growing. Lets create change together! We are a movement, we can create change, we are the human race. Lets stand up and “Do what is right instead of what is easy” Join the Movement . Be the Movement because this is what we are. A Movement. Welcome to I2Us.

Our Goals

Our Philosophy

Everyone is capable of achieving their best.